Fontana 210mm Front



The ultimate classic brake, a great mix of stopping power, low weight, compact design, easy to fit and simple to maintain & adjust.

Developed by Daniel Fontana in the late 60`s, our hubs are faithful replicas of the originals with dramatic interupted finning & integral air scoops.

The 210 Fontana is suitable for 250cc 2 strokes or 350cc and 500cc 4 stroke Classic Racers, Cafe Racers & Tritons, and was the original fitment on Aermacchi. 

Cast in magnesium, and machined on our state of the art CNC lathes, the 210 Fontana is a work of art. The shoes are skimmed by our experts on a manual machine to suit the hub they will fit in, to ensure an exceptionally good brake right from the first use. 

Brake Lining area: 210mm dia x 25mm wide x 2 sides

Weight: 6.4kg

Spindle Bearings: 15mm or 17mm

124mm total width across brake plates.

Various options are available to make your hub even lighter, including magnesium shoes (saves 300g) and alloy cam`s & pivots (saves 340g). 

If you require your hub to be built into a wheel our specialists will do this, using an alloy rim, 40 spoke holes and 10 gauge stainless spokes. Please specify what size rim you require. 




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