Fontana 250mm Front



The Ultimate European Drum Brake. Developed by Daniel Fontana for the works 500`s of the late `60`s. Used on early works Trident racers, and TT Marshal`s bikes. Our hubs are faithful replicas of the originals with the dramatic interupted finning and central ventilation ducts. 

A beautiful brake with more stopping power than most single disc brakes, the 250 Fontana is suitable for 500cc & 750cc Classic Racers, Cafe Racers and Tritons. The 250 Fontana has been the brake of choice for the 500cc Grand Prix grid, and has been used to win all 500cc classic races of the last 3 years. 

The aluminium version is very popular with builders of a huge range of special road bikes from Tritons, Norvins & Harleys !!!

Cast in either Aluminium or Magnesium and machined on our state of the art CNC lathes. The shoes are always skimmed by our experts on a manual machine to suit the hub they will be fitted with, to ensure an exceptionally good brake right from the first use. 

Brake Lining Area: 250mm Dia x 30mm wide x 2 sides

Weight: Aluminium 11.5kg, Magnesium 9.4kg

Spindle Bearings: 17mm

Colour: Aluminium - Self Colour, Magnesium - Black Chromate

Total width across brake plates is 127mm. 

Various options are available to make your hub lighter, Including magnesium shoes (saves 400g), and alloy cams & pivots (saves 340g). 

If you require your hub to be built into a wheel our specialists will do this, using an alloy rim, 40 spoke holes and 10 gauge stainless spokes. Please specify what size rim you require. 




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