Avon AM22 110/80VB18



The ultimate classic racing tyre!!

Standard fitment on all Manx, G50, 7R, Seeley and we highly recommend them for any race bike using 18" wheels. 

This is the tyre we use on our 350cc and 500cc Manx`s & Seeley G50`s to win hundreds of races. It is a brilliant all weather tyre. 

Available in the following fitments and compounds:

Front Fitment - we recommend this for all mid to front pack riders. Paraders and those not running towards the front will probably find they prefer and get more feel from the 90/90 AM26. This front fitment can also be fitted to the rear in damp conditions, or on smaller capacity (250cc) machines. Again fitted to the rear, would work really well for parade riders and those perhaps not inclined to try as hard as they once did...!

Rear Fitment - Soft - Our go to rear tyre. This soft compound is ideal from 0 degrees celsius to 25 degrees celsius air temperature. Warms up very quickly and will allow you to go all out from the first lap with tonnes of feel. 

Rear Fitment - Medium - Suitable only when air temperature is touching 30 degrees celsius, or when tyre warmers are being used. When riding relatively light classic bikes, it`s hard to get the heat into this tyre. We also recommend this tyre is only used by front of the pack riders, anyone outside of this will really struggle to get the required heat into this rear tyre. 

Prices are excluding VAT

Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

Tyre Codes:

Front - 11382

Soft Rear - 12116

Medium Rear - 13332




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