Avon AM23 130/650VB18 - Cantilever

Avon AM23 130/650VB18 - Cantilever



The best rear tyre for 250cc/350cc two strokes (TZ250/350), and also big twins using 18" wheels (Commando, Triton and Early Ducati`s). 

The "Cantilever" design allows for this wider tyre to be fitted to a narrower rim than a standard 130 section tyre would fit. This tyre does not fit the FZ600 wheel.

Recommended Rim width: 2.15" - 2.75" 

Available in two compounds to suit any condition. Deep cutting allows for good block movement to reduce the amount of time to get the tyre to its optimum temperature, and also to cut through water, should it be raining, this is a great tyre for all weathers.

The two compounds available are:

Soft - Highly useable tyre for almost any condition or temperature. Low glassy temperature of the compound means that this tyre is ready to go after 1 lap without warmers, and will continue to work from 0 degrees celcius up to 30 degrees celcius with very long life. Lots of feel can be achieved with this tyre, it slides very controllably. It is our tyre of choice on the 500cc machines,  at circuits where heat builds up on one side of the tyre, such as Mallory Park. Great in wet conditions also, due to deep tread pattern. 

Medium - Suitable only in very high temperature climates, or when tyre warmers can be used. We would also recommend this tyre is only ever fitted to machines with a lot of torque and a lot of weight. The medium compound is a lot harder to get temperature into, but once up to temperature is a great tyre, long life, lots of feel and good feedback. 

Prices are excluding VAT

Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

Tyre Codes: 

Soft - 12029

Medium - 14593




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