Avon AV55 Storm ST 2 Ultra 110/80/R18

Avon AV55 Storm ST 2 Ultra 110/80/R18



A great all round tyre, and useful in multiple applications. 

Designed as a front tyre, this is a RADIAL tyre, unlike the Crossply AM22. 

This tyre is great when fitted to the front, very soft compound gives huge amounts of grip, and the radial design gives a really nice, precise and direct turn in. Heavy cutting in the tyre also means that the tyre heats up very quickly. 

It really comes down to personally prefereance, as to whether a rider likes the feel of the Crossply AM22 or the Radial Storm. 

The Storm can also be fitted to the rear on all classic bikes, its super soft, high silica content  compound and heavy cutting mean this is an incredible tyre in the wet. Worth over 2 second`s per lap in the wet over an AM22. 

This exceptional wet weather performance does not mean however, that the storm cannot be used in the dry. Whilst not advisable to fit on a 500cc machine in the peak of summer, during the cooler meetings at the start and end of the season this tyre will be perfect due to the fact it heats up so fast. The storm can be used on 350cc/250cc machines year round, and is highly recommended for those guys in the mid pack or lower, because it is so grippy, and heats up really quickly. 

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Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

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