Avon AV56 Storm ST 2 Ultra 180/55/R17

Avon AV56 Storm ST 2 Ultra 180/55/R17



A great all round tyre, designed as an endurance tyre.

The Storm is a great racing tyre on superbikes using 17" wheels, its soft compound and heavy cutting mean this is an incredible tyre in the wet.

This exceptional wet weather performance does not mean however, that the Storm cannot be used in the dry. Whilst it is soft, the compound is strong, meaning the tyre does not fall apart in the high temperatures. The tyre is heavily cut so will heat up very quickly, and gets up to temperature in 1 lap without warmers. 

Brilliant all weather tyre for mid-field riders, and we would recommend this to be used in all conditions for mid-field riders. However those who are closer to the front will find that this tyre degrades too quickly in the dry, and for those riders we would recommend the 3D Ultra Xtreme front tyre. This is the rear tyre we recommend for use in the wet for all riders.  

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Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

Tyre Code: 16782

This tyre is finally back in stock!!




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