Avon Universal 80/90H18



A great narrow tyre with amazing grip and wet weather performance. Perfect for all small capacity machines including 125cc and 50cc. Possibly could also be used on parade and slower 250cc machines.

Heavily cut with a soft compound to allow the tyre to heat up very quickly and work well on the first lap. This heavy cutting also makes this a great tyre in the rain. The universal is a great all round tyre. 

Available in 3 compounds:

Front Fitment, Soft Compound

Rear Fitment, Soft Compound 

Rear Fitment, Hard Compound

We recommend that on 125cc machines that the Front Fitment Soft compound Universal is fitted to the front only, and a front fitment 90/90/R19 AM26 is used on the rear. We would also recommend this combination for slower 250cc machines and 250cc parade riders. 

On 50cc Machines we recommend the front fitment soft compound Universal both front and rear. 

Prices are excluding VAT

Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

Tyre Codes:

Front Fitment, Soft - 14923

Rear Fitment, Soft  - 1973

Rear Fitment, Hard - 1864





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