Avon Xtreme 3D Ultra 180/55ZR17

Avon Xtreme 3D Ultra 180/55ZR17



The best dry weather tyre for UK club racing, across all classes using 17" tyres. 

Whilst a hugely under-rated tyre, the Avon Xtreme is perfect for Club Racing in the UK. It`s more heavily cut than some of its better known competitors, increasing the speed the tyre warms up, and making it work better at the lower ambient temperatures experienced in the UK. Especially beneficial when racing in clubs where tyre warmers are not allowed. 

Great for Post Classic Superbikes & Superstock machines, and also modern racing machines. We have used this tyre in Minitwin, F400 and 600cc racing to huge success. 

This rear tyre is available in 2 compounds.

AC2: Soft compound. Excellent all year round if using tyre warmers. If not using warmers, the AC2 is the only option that we would recommend. Ready to push all out after 1 lap of warming.  

AC3: Medium Compound, slightly higher operating temperature. Suitable only in higher ambient temperatures and when using tyre warmers. We would not recommend this compount if being used without warmers.

Prices are excluding VAT

Includes free fitting and balancing at any CRMC meeting, or can be shipped on our express courier service for you to fit. 

Tyre Codes: 

AC2 - 15770 (4510017)

AC3 - 15949  (4510011)




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