Fontana 180mm Rear



Typically Italian! Not as well triangulated, and therefore not as strong as a standard Manx or Seeley rear wheel, and a trickier wheel to change than a Works Rear hub, however the 180mm Fontana is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL rear hub. Especially in Magnesium. If we were building a bike just for looks, this is the hub we would use. 

A great rear brake for any classic racing machine, but also for show bikes , Triton projects and cafe racers alike.

Naturally the matching partner to either the 210mm or 250mm Fontana front hub, cast with typical Fontana interupted finning. Cast from the ORIGINAL pattern work. The brake plate has a neat integral air intake scoop. 

As standard, the drive sproket is on the left. Because this is TLS brake, if the drive is on the right (Vincent, some Ducati, etc) it is not a simple matter of reversing the wheel, but we do offer the option of a "Mirror Image" brake plate so that you can make the drive on the right. 


Brake Lining Area: 180mm dia x 32mm wide

Weight - Magnesium : 4.5kg

           - Aluminium : 5.4kg

Spindle Bearings: 15mm

Colour - Magnesium : Black Chromate

           - Aluminium : Self Colour

Sproket Mounting : 7 off M8 studs on 90mm PCD

Options : Magnesium Brake shoes - saves 120g

Combination of alloy hub with magnesium brake plate can be offered, please get in touch for details. 




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