Manx 8 Inch TLS Conical Front Brake

Manx 8 Inch TLS Conical Front Brake



This single sided 2LS front brake was fitted into Manx`s from 1954 to 1961. This conical twin leading shoe hub assembly was introduced in 1954, initially with a single fin. 1956 saw a change to 3 cooling fins and an increase in the diameter of the brake plate register. In 1959 the brake plate anchor bolt was moved further up the fork leg (5" from wheel spindle centre, as opposed to 4.75" until then) and the brake plate register further increased in diameter. As standard we offer the `56/`58 specification, but can supply the other types to special order.

Components are manufactured to original drawings and can be supplied individually to refurbish original hubs. We manufacture the entire assembly with the aid of original Norton drawings, making small detail changes to resist cracking and improve performance. We can also supply the bare hub shell only if your original hub has cracked, which is quite common.

Cast in either aluminium or magnesium. Machined on our state of the art CNC Turning centres, with shoes skimmed by our experts on manual machines to suit the hub they will fit in, to ensure an exceptionally good brake right from the first use. The finish is black semi gloss stove enamel, just like the originals, though we can supply the mag versions in black chromate & the alloy ones in `natural`, as machined finish to special order.

To use this brake you will need the correct Manx right hand fork slider with its integral stop boss. We can supply these in either original, forged, aluminium alloy or as a cast alternative.

Brake lining area : 8" dia x 1.1/2 " wide

Weight: Magnesium, 5.5 kg  Aluminium, 6.6 kg

Spindle Bearings : 17mm

Available with either Aluminium or Magnesium (saves 200g) brake shoes. 

If you require your hub to be built into a wheel our specialists will do this, using an alloy rim, 40 spoke holes and 8/10 gauge butted spokes. Please specify what size rim you require. 





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