Manx Featherbed Swing Arm

Manx Featherbed Swing Arm



Manx type featherbed swing arm, ideally suited for our own Manx Norton Featherbed Frame 

Ideal for you Manx, Triton or Special. Manufactured from CNC bent T45 tubes, precision tube lasered at the ends and TIG welded. The cross tube is then bored post-fabrication on our 5 axis CNC machine to ensure perfect alignment of the swing arm spindle. 

This highly controlled and tightly toleranced process means that the swing arm is exactly as Norton drew it, but with the addition of small gussets at the joint of the tubes to strengthen it & with a couple of little lugs to allow the neat fitment of a 21st Century `sharks fin` chainguard! 

Can also be fitted to an original featherbed frame however the frame gussets will require modification to suit our 20mm swing arm spindle. Dominator & Early Manx frames use a 1/2" (12.7mm) solid spindle, whilst later Manx frames use a 3/4" (19.05mm) hollow spindle.

Our swing arm is bored 32mm for needle roller bearings to suit the 20mm spindle. So any original frames will need holes in gusset plates machining out to 20mm. 

Along with needle roller bearings in the cross tube a pair of radial needle bearings are also used to cope with the side loads and give minimum "sticktion". These bearings along with the swing arm spindle, and appropriate spacers can be included. Please select if these are required. 

To complete the whole back end assembly add in a pair of our Manx Rear Wheel Adjusters

Available only as a bare metal swing arm. 





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