Marvic Streamline Rear Wheel

Marvic Streamline Rear Wheel



In 1983 the Marvic wheel company introduced its first offering to the motorcycle market. The Streamline was born. To celebrate 30 years of the brand, Marvic began re-manufacturing the Streamline, applying everything they had learned over 30 years to provide real added value in terms of safety and aesthetic, suitable for any post classic bike for show or racing. 

The Marvic Streamline wheel has a unique design with three hollow spokes and elliptical cross section, and therefor a unique casting technique is required.  Manufactured by sand gravity casting using magnesium alloy, this significantly reduces unsprung weight, improving performance and feel through the bike.

These wheels are exactly as we use in our own Ducati TTF1 race bikes and we highly recommend them. 

Includes all required accessories. 

Weighs 3.8kg

Various sizes available: 5.50" x 17"  ---  6.00" x 17"  ---  6.25" x 17"

Colours Available: Gold, Black, White, Silver, Titanium Grey, Marlboro Orange, Red, Blue

Other colours on request.

Sprokets & discs can be supplied, please get in touch to discuss sizes. 

If you require a none standard hub, please contact us to discuss options. 




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