MPL Ignition System

MPL Ignition System



Our research and experience shows that around 80% of all failures on classic race bikes are ignition related. We have had more than a few problems with electrical ignition systems purchased from other suppliers, so we decided to make our own!

Our design brief was that we wanted a self generating system (no battery) made to look as much like a traditional magneto as possible.

First we researched available ignition manufacturers - there is no point in re-inventing the wheel! PVL impressed us with the robustness of their equipment and the fact that as a large company they could guarantee us long term supply and good technical backup. Unfortunately all the systems that PVL make as standard are for 2 strokes, but they agreed to make a system specifically to our specification.

Next we had to design a housing to accommodate the electronics. Although with our cnc machines centres it would be easier to make the housing from solid billet alloy we wanted our ignition system to look as much like a magneto as possible. To do this, we make the body from 3 separate castings bolted together, very much like a Lucas 2MTT. We have a dummy inspection cover in the front face and the power feed cable is made to look like an H.T. cable coming out of just the right position. Internally the substantial armature is carried on heavy duty bearings (twice the size found in most magnetos) yet the weight is only 1.7 Kg (3.75 lbs) complete.

 Before offering these ignitions for sale they were subjected to extensive testing throughout the 2007 season including a number at the Manx G.P. With not a single failure or problem. We are so confident in the performance and reliability of our ignition that they are offered with a 2 year warranty.

Available to suit Manx Norton`s and Matchless G50`s/AJS 7R`s. These systems have been fitted to other machines too. 

Available in either an 8,200rpm or 9,200rpm rev limit. Single spark or twin spark output. 




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